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About The olive tree.

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The olive tree…

It was first cultivated in Greece in 3000 BC.

It is said that it has spread evenly to the surrounding Mediterranean countries.

It lacks moisture and has no fertile soil.

You grow well even in a barren environment.

They live and bear fruit for over 2,000 years.

It is also a tree that symbolizes eternal life after living for a long time.

It’s been 10 to 15 years since I planted it.

Flowers bloom and bear fruit.

Once you start to bear fruit,

It can be harvested for hundreds of years.

Europe’s representative longevity region.

Southern France, Southern Italy (Sardinia Island),

People from the Mediterranean coast, including Greece (Creta Island),

Among the reasons for living a long life,

First, it is said that Mediterranean meals are considered.

If you consistently eat olives,

Cancer, heart disease, etc.

The risk of death is reduced by 20%.

A study by the University of Cambridge in the U.K.

It supports this.

7 effects of olives.

The efficacy of olives. 7 1. Gastrointestinal diseases and effects on pregnant women.

Olive, which has a lot of unsaturated fatty acids,

There’s a lot of fiber, too.

It promotes bowel movement.

So it’s good for preventing constipation.

In addition, by controlling the secretion of gastric juice,

It can also treat gastrointestinal diseases.

Maintaining the health of pregnant women and fetuses.
It helps the blood vessels in the fetus’ brain.
It promotes blood circulation.

It helps with metabolism and digestive health.

Olive’s 7 efficacy 2. Effect on cardiovascular disease.

When you oxidize cholesterol,

Vascular damage and fat are possible.

Heart attack accumulated in the subsequent arteries.

It contains antioxidant nutrients from black olives.

It helps prevent heart disease.

cholesterol interferes with oxidation.

Olive doesn’t contain fat, but

That’s a healthy unsaturated type of porridge.

It reduces the risk of sclerosis.

Good cholesterol has been found to increase.

7 Benefits of Olive 3. Excellent Effects in Preventing Aging

Rockefeller, a long-lived American conglomerate,

You can use a spoon of your health tips everyday.

It has been said that it is to drink olive oil.

Olive oil has excellent anti-aging effects.

In addition to polyphenol, unsaturated fatty acids,

Vitamin E and probitamine can prevent aging.

It helps discharge waste and toxins.

“Sesame oil, black sesame oil, perilla oil, and olive oil.”
According to a paper titled “A Study on Physiological Activity”,
Olive oil causes harmful free radicals in the body.
It removes DPPH radicals and prevents aging.
It can be seen that it is effective.

Olive’s 7 efficacy 4. Effective for skin and hair health.

Olive oil to supplement your diet.

Most of the fish oil…

At a low risk of a rich diet,

To lead to a low risk of colorectal cancer, the skin and

Hair health. Black olive fatty acids.

Rich antioxidants,

Protects nutrients with luggage.

Olive’s 7 efficacy 5. Breast cancer prevention effects

According to a recent study in the United States,

For women who drink olive oil at least once a day,

The likelihood of breast cancer has decreased by 25%.

Unlike other oils, olive oil is chemically…

It prevents the formation of induced breast tumors.

Olive’s 7 efficacy 6. Protect the liver and prevent arteriosclerosis.

The reason olive oil is good for health is because…

More than anything, inside my body…

the production of harmful cholesterol

The content of unsaturated fatty acids that suppress it

It’s the highest vegetable oil.

Oleic acid, a must-have fatty acid,

Because it contains 65-80%.

Oleic acid causes arteriosclerosis.

Lower the concentration of LDL cholesterol,

HDL cholesterol that protects the liver.

It acts to increase the concentration. Because

Shrimps that contain a lot of cholesterol.

Olive oil is perfect for squid dishes.

Olive’s seven effects. 7. Effective for dieting.

Olive oil is better than other cooking oil.

It is also effective in dieting because of its low calories.

If you eat a lot of olive oil, vegetables, and fruits,

It reduces the chances of developing breast cancer.

It has a beneficial effect on bone growth.

Especially green and yellow vegetables that help absorb the body,

Eating together makes the effect better.

And olive oil…

Vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids

It is rich and good for skin care.

So if you massage with olive oil,

It makes your skin moist.

You can see the effect of eliminating trouble.

Side effects of olive fruit.

The fresh fruit of olives…

Because it tastes bitter, usually…

After picking it from a tree, salt water, vinegar, oil, water,

Save it for several months, use it, and remove the astringent taste.

I put toppings on pizza and salad.

Most of the oleu-lefin is lost during pickle.

It penetrates the flesh while salting.

Because sodium boosts blood pressure,

Patients with high blood pressure should refrain from eating too much.


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