Cafe latte and Cappuccino flat white difference.

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What is cafe latte?

Latte means milk in Italian.

Simply put, milk coffee is called cafe latte.

Cafe latte has a soft and savory taste.

Compared to cappuccino, which has a lot of bubbles, it has very little bubbles.

Depending on your preference, you can add syrup.

Cafe latte cappuccino flat white difference.

What is cappuccino?

The monks of the Italian Capuchin Church, who put white foam on top,

This name was given because it resembles the white hat you used to wear.

Cappuccino has a savory taste, so the thickness of the foam…

It must be at least 1 cm.

Sprinkle cinnamon powder or chocolate powder according to your preference.

The reason I spray powder is because of the fishy smell from milk.

This is to minimize and add flavor.

Cinnamon powder is Italian and chocolate powder is…

It’s characteristic of American style.

Cafe latte cappuccino flat white difference.

What is flat white?

In Austria and New Zealand,

As a favorite kind of coffee,

Espresso with fine details.

How to mix steam milk together.

Use a very fine steam milk for silk.

It’s similar to velvet texture.

It’s characteristic is that it’s soft.

Compared to cafe latte and cappuccino,

Flat white is softer and has a strong coffee scent.

It’s a characteristic.

Cafe latte cappuccino flat white difference.

And coffee.

Vienna coffee.

It’s coffee with whipped cream on top of Americano.

It originated in Vienna, Austria.

It’s a coffee with a long history of over 300 years.

The softness of cold whipped cream and hot coffee…

The bitter taste coexists, so you can feel many flavors.

It is characterized by drinking cream without stirring it with a spoon.