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Flour vs pancake vs frying powder vs starch powder. Difference.

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👉 Flour.

Flour is literally powdered wheat. It has a color between pure white and cream, and the particles are very small. When it meets water, its viscosity improves, so it is mainly used to make snacks, bread, and noodles 🍜.

Food made of flour is often an independent food that exists somewhere between snacks and stocks because of its unique savory taste and satiety. It’s good to avoid when you’re on a diet because it’s high in calories and has a lot of carbohydrates.

Everyone gets embarrassed at least once when they first buy flour at the mart. This is because there are three types of flour. There’s no regular flour, but it says flour/gravity/strong flour.

It is classified into three types according to the gluten content contained in flour. Gluten is an ingredient involved in viscosity, the biggest property of flour.

① Powerful ➡ Gluten content of less than 9%.

It’s good for crispy dough such as snacks and cake sheets.
② Gravity content ➡  Gluten content 9-10%.

Perfect for sticky dough such as pancakes, sujebi, and noodles. (Multipurpose flour is here!)

③ Strong flour ➡  Gluten content of 13% or higher.

Bread, pasta, macaroni, etc. are very persistent and suitable for dough that’s not easy to mold.

👉 Korean pancake mix.

Pancake powder is a product that is perfect for pancake dishes by mixing flour gravity with salt and sugar, starch, and baking powder. It’s a little more yellow than flour. Basically, it’s seasoned, so you don’t have to season it separately.

👉 Frying powder.

Fried powder is a mixture of salt, sugar, baking powder, etc. in flour. It makes the fried clothes swollen crispy and soft, making it much easier to fry than to just fry them with flour.

If you use it through a sieve, you can make the fried dish 🍤 cleaner, and if you knead it with cold beer 🍺, the crispiness becomes stronger!

👉 Starch powder.

Starch powder is made of starch from potato 🥔 or corn 🌽. It’s often called “starch.” If you grind potatoes or corn and soak it in water, white and sticky things sink to the floor.

That’s the starch. It is very viscous, so it is used when making thick sauce, frying, or frying dishes, mixed with flour.

If you use too much, it feels dry, so it’s a tip to use just a little. It cools down and becomes like jelly, causing you to lose your appetite. It is mainly used by diluting it in water, and at this time, it must be mixed with cold water so that it can swell like custard cream in an instant if mixed with hot water.


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