Four tips on how to use expired milk.

source : pixabay

The expired milk is in the refrigerator.
It’s been weeks since I lost my place in it. Something to write about.

I can’t throw it away because I think there’s probably something like that. That’s about…
Although the moon has passed,

Milk is different from the expiration date.
There will be no safety issues when eating.
The recognized consumption period is 45 to 50 days.

When you open the lid, let alone mold, even the smell…
Check that it hasn’t changed! But to eat it…

1. Milk face pack.

How to use expired milk.
You can mix it with egg yolk, but it’s morning water.

After washing your face, apply a generous amount on the cotton pad.
The reason why my face is moist and smooth after rinsing it off with my chin on…

Is it just me?

2. Shoes, leather gloss.

How to use expired milk.
The old milk has only alkali ingredients left in the cloth.

Wet your leather shoes, bag, sofa, etc.
It has the effect of glowing cleanly.

When I saw the dirty Crocs that I wore a lot, I hid them.
No, but I put on the face mask.

I wiped it off and it’s clean ✨

Other than that, I wore a lot of shoes and a leather bag that I was sleeping.

I took it out and wiped it off. It’s not shiny,
It’s refreshing to see you shine cleanly ✨


3. Deodorant in the fridge.

How to use expired milk.

The effects of fat components in milk adsorbing odors
There is. I closed the wrong lid and it smells like a refrigerator.
I left it inside. When I checked it this morning, it was effective.


4. Wipe plant leaves and water (filter)

How to use expired milk.

Put milk on a dry cloth and wipe the leaves evenly.
The nutrition and gloss of the leaves come back to life, and plants breathe more.
You can do well, so you play your original role better.

And lastly, mix it with water 1:1 and water it. Milk…
Nutrition becomes manure for plants, too.

Also, it’s good to bleach your clothes, remove the pen marks, etc.
It can be used for many purposes, so it is interesting.

Things around you that will be used in many ways.
So, rather than that gaze, it’s strange and new
If you look at it, it’s fun to find something else.

Is this all?