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How to make buttermilk with milk.

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Add acid to milk.

Add 15 ml of acid liquid to 240 ml of milk. White vinegar and lemon juice are the most widely used, and they are also effective. Put milk in a measuring cup and add lemon juice or white vinegar into the cup.[1]
You may use whole milk or 2% low-fat milk. Skim milk does not contain much fat, so it does not separate properly.
Many people prefer to use lemon juice for milk separation, but it is irrelevant to using white vinegar. Lemon juice serves to add a pungent taste while slightly calming the rich taste of milk.
Let’s adjust the amount of recipe as much as we need. For example, if you need two cups of buttermilk, increase the amount of milk to 480 ml and increase the amount of acid-based liquid to 30 ml.

Mix the mixture well and leave it for 5-10 minutes. Stir quickly once or twice with a measuring spoon. When the mixture is left for 5-10 minutes, the milk is separated due to the acid component and a small solid mass begins to form.[2]
The mixture slowly begins to thicken, but not as thick as the actual buttermilk texture. Even so, it’s easy to use for recipes!

Add 8.5 ml of tin yeong to 240 ml of milk and stir. After adding tinyoung, such as lemon juice or white vinegar, stir it slightly, and leave it for 5-10 minutes, the mixture begins to separate and thicken.[3]

Make Buttermilk from Milk Step 4. Image.
Use alternative buttermilk for recipes as if using real buttermilk. Let’s use this added mixture for recipes that require buttermilk. No one will be able to tell the difference![4] Let’s use an alternative buttermilk for the following recipe:
Butter milk pancake.
Butter milk biscuit.
Buttermilk Fried Chicken.
Butter milk salad dressing.
Butter milk scone.
Make Buttermilk from Milk Step 5. Image.
If you’re interested, find out how to make real buttermilk. Real buttermilk is a by-product of making butter with cream. When the culture is added to the cream, the fat in the milk is separated from the other liquid, and the remaining liquid is buttermilk.[5]
Let’s learn how to make real buttermilk and make buttermilk!


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