The effects of Colostrum protein.

Colostrum protein refers to milk secreted by mothers who gave birth to calves within five days, and is known to be a very valuable food, with only 0.5% of the world’s milk production. Regular milk contains 4.2% protein, while the unprecedented protein content is 22%, which is five times higher than regular milk. The same goes for humans, but especially cows have a stronger immune factor than humans. Humans are born with immunity because immunity is delivered through the placenta. However, cows cannot pass through the placenta, so if the calf does not eat colostrum milk, about 70% of them die.

Colostrum protein – Immunoglobulin that boosts immunity.

It can be said that cow’s colostrum milk contains powerful immunoglobulin that blocks bacteria or viruses. In fact, regular milk has a high concentration of about 1% of the total protein, while colostrum milk contains about 80% of the total protein, which inhibits bacterial and viral activity and helps boost the immune system.
In fact, in an experiment to confirm the unprecedented immunity, mice infected with the influenza virus were given 100% of their lives, while mice with the first and anti-viral drugs were only 33% of their lives, increasing their immunity and resistance to viruses.

Colostrum protein – Lactoferrin for intestinal health.

In addition, there is another ingredient that protects immunity in colostrum milk, which is lactoferrin.
Lactoferrin acts as a natural antibiotic that inhibits and kills bacteria from proliferating in our bodies.
colostrum protein contains lactoferrin 30 to 100 times higher concentration than regular milk, which inhibits the proliferation of harmful bacteria and pathogenic E. coli in the intestine to improve the intestinal environment and help prevent constipation.
It also promotes the production of glutathione, an immune-active substance, which also helps improve immunity.

colostrum protein

Colostrum protein – Growth hormone that helps improve bone health and muscles.

In addition, colostrum protein is rich in growth hormones.
Growth hormone is an anti-aging substance officially recognized by the FDA, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and is nicknamed the “Fountain of Youth.”
Superfluid growth hormone not only helps prevent sarcopenia in the middle-aged by controlling metabolism and increasing bone density and muscle mass, but also helps prevent osteoporosis, a representative disease of menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis.

When our body lacks muscles, the risk of exposure to cardiovascular disease increases, and growth hormones affect cardiovascular disease.
In fact, a Swedish study found that the mortality rate of patients with cardiovascular disease and lacking growth hormones was 1.74 times higher.
In addition, hyperfluidic growth hormone efficacy promotes fat decomposition, reduces abdominal fat, and promotes endorphin secretion, which can help prevent dementia by improving memory.
However, as you get older, growth hormones gradually decrease, so aging progresses rapidly and you are bound to be vulnerable to diseases.

At this time, it is helpful to consume a sufficient amount of growth hormone.
Animal experiments have shown that after 12 weeks of colostrum protein milk intake, the growth hormone in the blood tripled and the concentration of growth factors that help grow and survive cells in our body increased significantly.

Colostrum – contains 17 amino acids, including 10 essential amino acids.

Amino acids are components that make up proteins in our bodies, and essential amino acids among them serve as catalysts to help recover damaged muscles and promote muscle production.
However, it is impossible to synthesize on its own in our body, so it must be consumed from the outside. colostrum protein contains all 10 of these essential amino acids, so it is nicknamed a complete protein food.
In fact, in an experiment to determine how colostrum protein affects muscles, adult men and women aged 35 or older exercised for eight weeks, followed by milk protein intake in one group and milk protein intake in the other group, and fat increased, while those who consumed herbal protein decreased muscle mass.
In addition, a study of the elderly who had difficulty increasing muscle mass showed that the thickness of the muscles increased and cognitive abilities improved by allowing elderly participants to consume colostrum protein.
Researchers reported that this could help reduce the risk of developing dementia.



learn about the effects of Shea Butter

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As the weather gets colder and colder, the time has come when the body feels dry.

Today, we are going to learn about the effects of Shea Butter.

Shea butter is a fruit that grows in African grasslands.

It is said to be extracted from peeled nuts.

I heard that it was also used for food in Africa.

It’s said that Cleopatra used Shea Butter.

I do eat this shea butter, but in Korea,

It was often used as a raw material for cosmetics such as lip balm and hand cream.

Shea butter plays a role in moisturizing.

When you have itchy symptoms due to dryness, it can be alleviated.

By forming a film on the surface of your skin, your skin goes into the air.

It is said that it does not lose moisture and has antibacterial effects.

Therefore, it is a favorite ingredient for children’s atopic dermatitis.

Also, if a pregnant woman gains weight or develops stretchy skin due to full stomach,

It gives strong moisturizing power and helps collagen and elasticity.

However, on the contrary, it would not be suitable for oily skin (where sebum is secreted a lot).

Be careful not to use it on oily skin.

Too much use can close pores.

I recommend applying an appropriate amount!

Let’s summarize the effects of Shea Butter.

Moisturizing function.

Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects.

It helps with regeneration.

(Linoleic acid, oleic acid, etc.)

-Prevent wrinkles, prevent aging


Let’s keep this in mind before we start the milk carton.

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Everyone must have washed their face with expired milk in the refrigerator at least once. Too familiar milk is drawing attention again online recently. Unlike in the past, when used as a finishing cleansing product, pack with milk and remove dead skin cells and sebum. Many beauty YouTubers introduced whitening and moisturizing care methods using milk, and there were a number of comments saying that they actually had the effect of clearing their skin. Milk care, which is full of compliments, is it okay to follow it blindly regardless of skin type? For safer and more reliable care, I checked with a dermatologist.

Q1. Milk, why is it good for your skin?
Milk contains lactic acid, one of the AHAs known as chemical exfoliating ingredients. Lactic acid is extracted from milk or dairy products, and in addition to exfoliating, it is also used as a moisturizing and pH regulator. In addition, it has various peptides that help skin elasticity and vitamin E, an antioxidant.

Q2. Milk rich in beneficial ingredients,
Can you see the effects of using it on your skin?
Since these ingredients actually exist, they can be effective if the skin fits well with milk. However, caution is needed depending on the skin type. Milk is not a refined cosmetic for the skin, so if you have sensitive skin, test it on your body skin and use it.
Q3. Can I use expired milk?
Since lactic acid, which is effective in exfoliating skin, is obtained by fermentation of lactose and glucose, it can be considered that expired milk is effective for the skin. However, expired milk deteriorates from its existing properties and bacteria can reproduce, and if it is used on the skin as it is, troubles can occur. Using expired milk is more damaging than benefiting the skin.
Q4. Is there any special precautions?
Even if there is no chemical ingredient, washing your face after milk care is essential. It is also recommended to wipe clean with lukewarm water or use a light gel cleanser. Milk itself does not irritate the skin, but avoid using it only for milk allergies or purulent acne.

1. Skin care for your heels.
Method: Soak the entire foot in milk, wait for about 20 minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water.
The dead skin cells cannot be removed just by dipping their feet in EDITOR COMMENT’S milk, but the changes on their heels have been moistened. The savory scent unique to milk was not bad either. Since the heels and elbows, which are prone to keratinization due to their thick skin layers, are not sensitive areas, no irritation or abnormalities are felt even if expired milk is used. Let’s now yield expired milk to feet instead of faces.

2 cotton pads.
After washing your face, soak the cotton pad with milk and place it on your cheeks, chin, and lips. Before the milk dries completely (about 15 minutes), remove the cotton pad and rinse it clean with lukewarm water.
EDITOR COMMENT’S original skin layer is thick, so I bravely challenged the milk mask. Contrary to worries, there was no problem with the skin. I temporarily experienced the skin becoming moist and soft. It has a similar effect to a toner pack, but the milk soaked in cotton does not dry faster than the toner and lasts longer. The lips have also become noticeably softer. The hard but soft dead skin on my lips. It would be a good idea to try a lip mask by mixing honey.

3. Remove sebum.
Method: Wet the heated milk with cotton pads and cotton swabs. Place the cotton pad on the butterfly zone for 15 minutes, remove it, and roll it with a cotton swab wetted together.
EDITOR COMMENT’S milk has experienced the effect of removing softened sebum and dead skin cells to some extent. It’s too much to remove blackheads as in online reviews, but it feels like my skin has definitely gotten smoother than before. Usually, nose packs are irritating, so they use oil to remove sebum, which has a similar effect. There is little irritation and the effect is immediate, so I will often use milk to remove sebum in the future!

4. Skin care for your scalp.
Method: Wet a cotton pad with milk and massage it as if wiping off the scalp. Repeat the parting by changing the part and wash it clean with shampoo.


Milk cleansing effect.

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Ingredients: Milk is enough to prepare.^^

1. First, use lukewarm water to cleanse things such as dust, foreign substances, and makeup on your skin.

2. Please warm the milk you want to wash up at a temperature similar to human body temperature.^^

3. Dab lukewarm milk as if it absorbs evenly throughout the face and absorb it from every corner of the skin.

4. After absorbing it for 10 to 15 minutes, use cold water to wash it.^^

※ The reason for using fine-safety lukewarm water is that lukewarm water is used to remove foreign substances more cleanly.

Also, if you wash lukewarm water before washing milk, it is good for skin opening, so you can absorb milk more effectively into your skin.^^

Lastly, the reason why you wash your hands with cold water is to wash them with cool water to close the open pores.^^

Milk cleansing effect.

The milk cleansing method has various effects as it contains various nutrients!

The good effects of washing your face with milk that has been known so far are as follows.

1. Whitening: Proteinase contained in milk has excellent effects on skin whitening.

2. Anti-wrinkle: Milk, a high-protein food, promotes the production of collagen that is good for preventing skin aging and has a good effect on preventing wrinkles and aging.

3. Skin Moisture: Lipids, vitamin C, and retinol in milk make your skin elastic and moist.

4. Ultraviolet protection: If you wash your face consistently, you will have a skin protective film to protect your skin from UV rays to some extent.

5. In addition, milk washing effects include freckles, skin exfoliation, and skin nutrition.

How to improve the cleansing effect.

As time passes, lactobacillus becomes more active.

If possible, it is better to use milk that is two to three days after the expiration date than the milk within the expiration date.

AHA ingredients that are good for the skin are produced after 2-3 days of expiration.

This is because these ingredients have an excellent effect on skin moisturization and whitening.^^

However, please be careful because using milk that has passed the expiration date and smells only causes side effects on the skin!

The right number of times to wash your face.

Like other cleansing methods, you should give your skin a break.

If you do it 2-3 times a week, you will be able to take care of your skin effectively.^^

No matter how often you wash your face, it can stretch your skin, promote aging, and dry skin, so be careful!


Who should take whey protein?

Who should eat it?

1. Older/Middle-aged people

“Musculopenia” decreases by 1 to 2% every year, starting with those in their 30s, and the rate of decline begins rapidly in their 50s. Muscles protect bones as well as the main organs of the body.

When muscles weaken, many diseases will inevitably occur overall.

In addition, there are cases where you often feel tired as you get older.

In this case, the muscle is a storage of energy, and a decrease occurs. So even if you move a little bit, you feel tired. You must take whey protein to protect your healthy old age.

2. If you need to concentrate,

It is good for students and office workers who go to school and work all day long to improve their concentration.

In particular, eating carbohydrates in the morning reduces the sensitivity of the brain, so a protein-oriented diet can prevent blood sugar from falling and provide adequate satiety to increase concentration.

3. Growing children.

Muscles must develop properly to support growing bones, and protein is the main ingredient of growth hormones.

Therefore, it is a very important nutrient for growth because it is necessary to synthesize gymnastics and form bones and skin in growing children.

4. Pregnant women and fetuses.

It can be seen that there are a lot of people looking for protein shakes for pregnant women on the Internet.

The whey protein forms the fetus and placenta and supplies blood to help the baby grow and strengthen the uterus and mammary glands of pregnant women.If you are pregnant, it is recommended to consume at least 70-80g of protein a day.

5. Diet.

If you lose weight by starving, your body’s energy will be insufficient and nutrients will be extracted from your muscles and used. In other words, the muscles continue to decrease. In order to increase muscle and basal metabolism, muscle strength exercise should be performed at the same time, and the intake of whey protein should prevent muscle loss.

Also, eating a low-calorie diet, including whey protein, can improve body composition.

6. If your immune system is weak,

Protein is an important component of the immune system. In addition to “leucine,” oil protein contains essential and non-essential amino acids that make up various bodies, so you can get various advantages such as skin tissue, nails, and hair loss prevention.

Then, what is the way to choose whey protein?

How to choose whey protein.

There are three types of whey protein: WPC, WPI, and WPH.

1. Concentrated oil-based protein (WPC) / 80% purity

It is a type produced by removing only non-protein components from whey protein and contains a lot of cholesterol, fat, and lactose.Also, Koreans don’t have many enzymes that break down lactose, so if they eat a lot,

It can cause stomachache and gas tightness, which can strain the intestine.

2. Detachable Liquid Protein (WPI)/Purity 90%

Surupnungro lactose, fat, and cholesterol, which have been made through several filtration processes, have been almost all removed with less than 10%.Therefore, if you want to lose weight or can’t digest milk well, you’d better choose.

3. Hydrolysis fluid (WPH)/ 80% purity

It is made by hydrolyzing WPC again, and it absorbs very quickly in the body and also contains fat, cholesterol, and lactose. It absorbs very quickly in the body, so it is recommended for those who have exercised longer than the general public.