Low-carb High-fat diet is…

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Low-carb meat.

” It’s an abbreviation for “carbohydrate/high fat.

Literally, it reduces carbohydrate intake,

It’s a diet method to increase fat intake.

A typical low-carb, high-fat diet.
It’s a nutritional method.

I eat 70 to 75 percent of fat.
It is to increase the amount of carbohydrates by 5-10%.

Among the foods we eat, carbohydrates…
The ratio is similar to the ratio of fat.

Carbohydrates accumulate in your body.
Fat is the main source of energy. When you move your body,
It consumes a lot of kinetic energy.

The reason I gain weight is because when you think of carbohydrates,
I think it’ll be a little easier.

So I told him to reduce the amount of rice he eats when he was eating meat.
If you reduce the amount of carbohydrates,
I told you that it helps with dieting.

The advantage of low-carb land is…

You can eat as much meat as you want!

Pork belly meat doesn’t make you gain weight.
I heard that eating together helps you gain weight.

But the low-carb diet…
Is there any good thing about it?

The reason why carbohydrates are essential nutrients in our body is because,
I’ll conclude that we need that much food!
Suddenly, I quickly cut down on carbohydrates that my body needs.
If the amount of fat increases, the body can’t meet the necessary nutrients.

The most representative example is pigmentation.
Pigmentation is well known as a diet hives.

It is a side effect of spreading urticaria from the neck to the collarbone and gradually down.
There are four main reasons for getting caught.
The biggest reason is that ketones are excessively accumulated.

Ketosis refers to a state in which ketone bodies increase and accumulate in the blood.
If you eat very little carbohydrates,

Excessive ketone bodies are often said to be common.

It is said that you have severe itching that you can’t sleep.
To the point where it causes a lot of discomfort in your daily life,
They say it’s itchy. crying

And looking at the sex ratio distribution table where pigmented hives occur,

Even though I’m not obese,
It is said that the proportion of skinny celebrities and women who admire models is much higher.

As I always said, health is more important than dieting.crying

In the case of pigmentation, without cure,
If you don’t have enough carbs, it comes back up.

So let’s all go on a healthy diet.