Milk cleansing effect.

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Ingredients: Milk is enough to prepare.^^

1. First, use lukewarm water to cleanse things such as dust, foreign substances, and makeup on your skin.

2. Please warm the milk you want to wash up at a temperature similar to human body temperature.^^

3. Dab lukewarm milk as if it absorbs evenly throughout the face and absorb it from every corner of the skin.

4. After absorbing it for 10 to 15 minutes, use cold water to wash it.^^

※ The reason for using fine-safety lukewarm water is that lukewarm water is used to remove foreign substances more cleanly.

Also, if you wash lukewarm water before washing milk, it is good for skin opening, so you can absorb milk more effectively into your skin.^^

Lastly, the reason why you wash your hands with cold water is to wash them with cool water to close the open pores.^^

Milk cleansing effect.

The milk cleansing method has various effects as it contains various nutrients!

The good effects of washing your face with milk that has been known so far are as follows.

1. Whitening: Proteinase contained in milk has excellent effects on skin whitening.

2. Anti-wrinkle: Milk, a high-protein food, promotes the production of collagen that is good for preventing skin aging and has a good effect on preventing wrinkles and aging.

3. Skin Moisture: Lipids, vitamin C, and retinol in milk make your skin elastic and moist.

4. Ultraviolet protection: If you wash your face consistently, you will have a skin protective film to protect your skin from UV rays to some extent.

5. In addition, milk washing effects include freckles, skin exfoliation, and skin nutrition.

How to improve the cleansing effect.

As time passes, lactobacillus becomes more active.

If possible, it is better to use milk that is two to three days after the expiration date than the milk within the expiration date.

AHA ingredients that are good for the skin are produced after 2-3 days of expiration.

This is because these ingredients have an excellent effect on skin moisturization and whitening.^^

However, please be careful because using milk that has passed the expiration date and smells only causes side effects on the skin!

The right number of times to wash your face.

Like other cleansing methods, you should give your skin a break.

If you do it 2-3 times a week, you will be able to take care of your skin effectively.^^

No matter how often you wash your face, it can stretch your skin, promote aging, and dry skin, so be careful!