Low-carb High-fat diet is…

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Low-carb meat.

” It’s an abbreviation for “carbohydrate/high fat.

Literally, it reduces carbohydrate intake,

It’s a diet method to increase fat intake.

A typical low-carb, high-fat diet.
It’s a nutritional method.

I eat 70 to 75 percent of fat.
It is to increase the amount of carbohydrates by 5-10%.

Among the foods we eat, carbohydrates…
The ratio is similar to the ratio of fat.

Carbohydrates accumulate in your body.
Fat is the main source of energy. When you move your body,
It consumes a lot of kinetic energy.

The reason I gain weight is because when you think of carbohydrates,
I think it’ll be a little easier.

So I told him to reduce the amount of rice he eats when he was eating meat.
If you reduce the amount of carbohydrates,
I told you that it helps with dieting.

The advantage of low-carb land is…

You can eat as much meat as you want!

Pork belly meat doesn’t make you gain weight.
I heard that eating together helps you gain weight.

But the low-carb diet…
Is there any good thing about it?

The reason why carbohydrates are essential nutrients in our body is because,
I’ll conclude that we need that much food!
Suddenly, I quickly cut down on carbohydrates that my body needs.
If the amount of fat increases, the body can’t meet the necessary nutrients.

The most representative example is pigmentation.
Pigmentation is well known as a diet hives.

It is a side effect of spreading urticaria from the neck to the collarbone and gradually down.
There are four main reasons for getting caught.
The biggest reason is that ketones are excessively accumulated.

Ketosis refers to a state in which ketone bodies increase and accumulate in the blood.
If you eat very little carbohydrates,

Excessive ketone bodies are often said to be common.

It is said that you have severe itching that you can’t sleep.
To the point where it causes a lot of discomfort in your daily life,
They say it’s itchy. crying

And looking at the sex ratio distribution table where pigmented hives occur,

Even though I’m not obese,
It is said that the proportion of skinny celebrities and women who admire models is much higher.

As I always said, health is more important than dieting.crying

In the case of pigmentation, without cure,
If you don’t have enough carbs, it comes back up.

So let’s all go on a healthy diet.


Have you ever heard of butter coffee?

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There is a butter coffee craze in the United States. Since actor Shaylyn Woodley, who first tasted butter coffee on the Jimmy Fallon show in October last year, called it “coffee that will change your life.”

Butter coffee drinkers advocate butter coffee for two main reasons. First, it is soft and delicious. Second, it is good for your health. They say butter coffee has a higher effect of energizing than other coffees, is good for improving concentration, and is better at relieving midday drowsiness. Dave Asfree, the main character of the butter coffee craze, claims that butter coffee can become diet food. It is a customized coffee for people on a high-fat-low-carb diet. The taste may vary, but there are many objections to health. Anyway, this is because it is a high-calorie drink containing a large amount of saturated fat.

Let me introduce the most standard way to make butter coffee.

Butter coffee is good.
1. Grind fresh coffee beans and prepare 2 1/2 spoons with a table spoon.

2. Boil 1 cup of purified water and make dark black coffee using No. 1.

3. Add 1 teaspoon of heavy-chain fatty acid oil (typically coconut oil). (If you get used to adding oil, it is okay to add up to 2 teaspoons.)

4. Add 1 tablespoon of butter produced from grass-fed cows.

5. Turn the coffee into a blender for about 20 seconds until it softens and the oil does not float on the surface.

Huffington Post US asked Facebook if it would be good to drink butter coffee and how to make use of its strengths and avoid disadvantages. Here are some of the answers that readers left in the comments. If you are thinking of making butter coffee according to the recipe above, please refer to the comments of the readers below who have already tried butter coffee.

Butter coffee is good.
“It’s important to use butter produced by grass-fed cows. If you mix it well with good ingredients, it becomes like latte!” -Trish Tonn

“It tastes oily and sticky at the end.” Oil floats on top of the coffee and the coffee scent dies.” -Laeticia Gonsalves

“It’s good to drink turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cacao butter, and cacao powder in coffee.” -Lynette Cano-Guirre

“Coffee is only possible when you eat a diet that reduces carbohydrates. Adding high-fat and high-carb products can cause health problems.” HJ: Don’t just drink it recklessly, find out and drink it!” HJ: MJ Weispfencing

“My grandmother made coffee more than 40 years ago…”. Instead, it’s not the same butter as it is now, but it’s creamy butter.” -Jeffery Lowers

“Turn the mixer to full speed for 10 seconds. You can enjoy soft, foamy, and non-floating coffee.” -Catherine Mischeefa Muslimah

“But I still like the black coffee that I made in a coffee pot.” -Karen Nordquist Dorofee

“It’s so good! It’s good to eat when you’re hungry instead of snacks.” “I’m not hungry until lunchtime, and my head is clear.” -Mike Allen

“In the morning, my stomach is sensitive, so I put a little coconut oil in my coffee and a little less butter than that.” -Janelle Tavener

h/t Huffingtonpost US, Women’s Health


Cafe latte and Cappuccino flat white difference.

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What is cafe latte?

Latte means milk in Italian.

Simply put, milk coffee is called cafe latte.

Cafe latte has a soft and savory taste.

Compared to cappuccino, which has a lot of bubbles, it has very little bubbles.

Depending on your preference, you can add syrup.

Cafe latte cappuccino flat white difference.

What is cappuccino?

The monks of the Italian Capuchin Church, who put white foam on top,

This name was given because it resembles the white hat you used to wear.

Cappuccino has a savory taste, so the thickness of the foam…

It must be at least 1 cm.

Sprinkle cinnamon powder or chocolate powder according to your preference.

The reason I spray powder is because of the fishy smell from milk.

This is to minimize and add flavor.

Cinnamon powder is Italian and chocolate powder is…

It’s characteristic of American style.

Cafe latte cappuccino flat white difference.

What is flat white?

In Austria and New Zealand,

As a favorite kind of coffee,

Espresso with fine details.

How to mix steam milk together.

Use a very fine steam milk for silk.

It’s similar to velvet texture.

It’s characteristic is that it’s soft.

Compared to cafe latte and cappuccino,

Flat white is softer and has a strong coffee scent.

It’s a characteristic.

Cafe latte cappuccino flat white difference.

And coffee.

Vienna coffee.

It’s coffee with whipped cream on top of Americano.

It originated in Vienna, Austria.

It’s a coffee with a long history of over 300 years.

The softness of cold whipped cream and hot coffee…

The bitter taste coexists, so you can feel many flavors.

It is characterized by drinking cream without stirring it with a spoon.


What’s the effect of “Pumpkin”?

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Pumpkins can no longer be treated as pumpkins when they learn about the efficacy of pumpkins, which have been considered the epitome of “ugly.” In particular, “old pumpkin,” which is in season in autumn, is so effective that it is included in the top 10 healthy foods selected by Time magazine. The old pumpkin, which is hard on the outside and has seeds in it, is also called “millstone pumpkin” because it is round like a millstone.

Autumn is a season full of food. Various food ingredients such as △ mackerel △ shrimp △ pear △ pumpkin fill the table in season. Among them, pumpkins are foods like supplements rich in various nutrients. It introduces the health effects of pumpkins, which are low in calories and rich in various vitamins and minerals.

Pumpkins are rich in potassium, which helps prevent high blood pressure by helping release sodium. The diuretic and detoxification are also excellent. Vitamin A and vitamin C in pumpkins have the effect of preventing bacterial infection by increasing resistance.

Among pumpkins, the effects of old pumpkins vary. First of all, the sugar in old pumpkins is well digested and is good for people with weak stomachs or patients in recovery. In particular, it is a good food for people with sensitive stomachs or chronic gastritis or neurological gastritis. The efficacy of pumpkins is also helpful for test takers. This is because eating old pumpkins steadily helps relieve tension and stress.

In addition, the efficacy of old pumpkins is also helpful for patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. This is because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also known to have the effect of preventing stroke. In the case of women with childbirth, old pumpkins help diuretic effect and reduce swelling. For obese people, it is better to eat old pumpkins.

Ugly old pumpkins also have an excellent effect on skin care. In particular, when eaten by a person with a dry face, beta-carotene rich in old pumpkins blocks ultraviolet rays and improves skin elasticity. However, some people should be careful about eating old pumpkins. Since old pumpkins activate diuretics, pumpkin intake can rather harm health in people with weak kidney function or skinny women.

Old pumpkins can be eaten by making pumpkin honey pots, pumpkin porridge, pumpkin syrup, or boiled down for tea. Pumpkin honey jar, which is used to reduce the swelling of mothers who gave birth, is simple to make. Cut out the tip of the old pumpkin in a round shape and scratch the seeds inside. If you put honey in an empty old pumpkin, block the cut out part, put it in a large pot, and steam it for 3 to 4 hours, water will accumulate in the old pumpkin, and you can drink it accordingly.

The seeds of pumpkin need to be noted. According to the study, elderly women who consistently consumed pumpkin seeds had a significantly lower risk of breast cancer, and men also had a good effect on preventing hair loss. Essential amino acids and vitamin E abundant in pumpkin seeds are said to help blood circulation and brain development in the brain, so it is recommended not to throw them away.

Meanwhile, the best combination with pumpkin is red beans. It increases vitamin B1 intake, which is insufficient for pumpkins, by adding red beans to pumpkin porridge.


The effects and nutrients of red beans.

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Red bean paste is one of the most valuable grains in Korea after rice and beans, and is still a highly utilized ingredient in modern times.

It is used in various places, such as tea, ingredients for various foods, red bean paste, red bean jelly, and shaved ice, as well as under rice.

In addition, red beans are evaluated to have many effects in health-related fields.

According to Donguibogam, a traditional medicine book, red beans are not only sweet and poisonous, but also good for people who gain weight to take them because they can heal diarrhea, dysentery, intestines, angular diseases, tree species, etc. and have a lightening property.

In fact, several scientific analyses have shown high nutritional value, and it is also rich in antioxidants such as proantocyanidine, so red beans are a healthy food ingredient worth eating.

Red bean nutrients – dried ones

Calories: 337kcal.

Protein: 21.7g

Lipid: 1.1g.

Carbohydrate: 60g.

Dietary fiber: 17g.

Calcium: 10%.

Iron: 46%.

Magnesium: 44%.

potassium: 38%.

Ayeon: 27%.

Manganese: 56%

Molybdenum: 1180%.

Vitamin E : 58%.

Vitamin B1:66%.

Vitamin B2 : 22%.

Niacin: 11%.

Pantothenic acid: 22%.

It can be seen as a health food with very high protein and dietary fiber inorganic vitamin E and vitamin B complexes.

You can set up a diet by referring to the fact that cooking increases the weight of moisture and reduces the nutrient ratio by 1/3 (reducing from 330 kcal to 110 kcal).

Red bean effect.


The calories of cooked red beans are about 2/3 of the rice when they weigh the same.

In other words, if red beans are actively added to the diet, it means that it can provide a considerable satiety while reducing the amount of calories consumed, and the high content of dietary fiber and protein is also an advantage of bean foods led by red beans.

Clinical studies have shown a significant weight loss effect of about 3kg when eating red beans and other bean food ingredients for more than 90g a day for 6 weeks.

Diuretic and blood pressure drop.

Red beans are used as a regular ingredient in the Detox Diet, which removes toxins and unnecessary substances in the body along with pumpkins, because they have excellent diuretic effects.

That’s why eating red beans is very helpful in losing weight due to edema.

The reduction of edema again leads to the strengthening effect of blood pressure.

In addition, compounds contained in red beans also increase satiety, so it is recommended to use red bean water and red bean tea for weight management.