11 surprising baking soda uses.

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Everyone will work with at least a bucket of baking soda somewhere in the house. One may be in the cupboard for baking, another in the refrigerator for odor absorption, and the other under the kitchen sink for kitchen cleaning.

Since you didn’t think you could use baking soda for your health, you might have now thought of putting a box of baking soda in a medicine container.

What kind of ingredient is baking soda?
Baking soda is 100% sodium hydrogen carbonate that can be used as an expander when baking food. When baking soda is mixed with acid, it reacts to make coffee and generate carbon dioxide gas that inflates the dough. Throughout human history, it is said that many civilizations have used something like baking soda to make bread or food that needs to swell.

Natural baking soda is known as nako stone, which is part of natural mineral natron (natural carbonated). Sodium, which contains a large amount of sodium hydrogen carbonate, has been used since ancient times. And since baking soda does not already contain aluminum, you don’t have to buy aluminum-free baking soda (do not confuse with baking powder).

Egyptians used natron as a cleaning agent when cleaning. Baking soda was commercialized in 1846 when Austin Church and John Dwight manufactured and sold a substance we know as baking soda today. In the 1860s, baking soda was published in cookbooks, but until then, it was only known as a cooking additive. However, by 1920, various uses of baking soda continued to expand, and in the 1930s, it was widely promoted as a proven drug.

11 ways to use baking soda for your health.
Baking soda is one of the cheapest household medicines you can buy and have for less than a dollar. In addition to being used for small wounds, baking soda can be an important factor in regular hygiene management.

Natural deodorizer.
If you want to avoid parabens and aluminum found in many deodorants and anti-ferrous agents, pick up a little baking soda and mix it with water instead. This simple dough becomes an effective and simple natural deodorant. Or you can just apply dry baking soda powder to your armpits with a makeup brush.

Use it for insect bites and lacquerware.
Dough made by mixing baking soda and water can help relieve itching by applying it to insect bites. You can also rub dry baking soda powder on your skin. This is also effective when you have itchy rashes and lacquer. Baking soda neutralizes toxins and irritation on the skin’s surface, which helps relieve weak skin inflammation and itching.

Heartburn, indigestion, and ulcerative pain.
Most over-the-counter antacids contain some bicarbonate. Baking soda immediately neutralizes stomach acid, which helps relieve heartburn, indigestion, and ulcer pain. I personally recommended this method to many people, including my family, and I’m surprised by the amazing effects.

The dosage is usually half a cup of glass water to dissolve baking soda 티 teaspoon and drink it once every two hours (do not drink more than seven teaspoons of baking soda for 24 hours, and do not drink more than three teaspoons for 24 hours if you are over 60 years old).

This method should be used occasionally (not chronically), and care should be taken not to consume excessive amounts. This is because excessive baking soda intake can lead to severe electrolyte and acid/base imbalance.

Foot bath and exfoliator.
Put 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a bowl of warm water for a refreshing foot bath. Rubbing your feet with baking soda dough can also exfoliate. You can mix baking soda and water 3 to 1 to make baking soda dough and use it as a exfoliator for your face and whole body. If you do that, it becomes a natural, inexpensive and soft bath product that can be used every day.

A comfortable full body bath.
You can enjoy a bath like a nice spa with baking soda and apple soda. This bath bomb also serves as a bonus to clean the bathtub and drain it well.

Hand cleanser.
It can be used as a natural hand cleanser that mixes baking soda and water 3 to 1 to wipe off dirt from your hands and neutralize odors.

Removal of thorns.
Put a tablespoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and soak your prickly fingers twice a day. Using this method, the branches usually come out on their own after a couple of days.

Treatment of sunburns.
Put a cup of baking soda in lukewarm bath water and soak your body in a bathtub to relieve it naturally. When you come out of the bathtub, don’t wipe off the baking soda left on your body with a towel to get rid of the burn, but just leave it dry in the air. You can add baking soda and water to the cool compress and apply it directly to the sunburn.

Strengthen your sports skills.
Long-distance runners think it works similarly to carbohydrates, so they are doing what they call “soda doping (or baking soda capsules)” before the game to improve their performance. This method has been shown to improve the speed of swimmers. I don’t recommend using this at home, but I think it’s an example of the efficacy of baking soda. Researchers say as follows.

“Basically, sodium hydrogen carbonate is an alkali substance that increases the liH of the blood. The substance appears to reduce and neutralize muscle-generated acids during intense anaerobic exercises that produce lactic acid the fastest, such as running fast or swimming.”

Toothpaste and sword paste.
Baking soda acts as a light abrasive that removes plaque, glows teeth, cleanses them, and removes odors. A review of five contrasting clinical trial data found that toothpaste containing baking soda had a much more significant effect on removing plaque than toothpaste containing no baking soda.

Baking soda has also been found to kill streptococcus mutans (cavity bacteria), which have antibacterial properties and play a big role in rotting teeth. It has a tremendous effect when used as toothpaste and gum paste. Try mixing baking soda and salt water 6 to 1.

Mix baking soda and saltwater mixture in a blender for 30 seconds, then put them in a container and use them. Wet the tip of your index finger, coat it with salt and soda mixture, and apply it to your gums.

Start from the outside of the upper gums, wipe the inside of the upper gums, and rub the teeth and gums with a mixture in the order of the lower outer gums and the lower inner gums. Spit out what’s left. Rinse your mouth after 15 minutes. This mixture has a tremendous effect on killing germs.

However, many people think baking soda can wear out the enamel of the teeth too much, and Dr. Kuratola needs to be careful in this area because killing the microorganisms in the oral cavity can backfire.

Tooth whitening agent.
Mash one ripe strawberry in a natural way to whiten your teeth and mix it with 1/2 baking soda. Spread this mixture on your teeth and leave it for 5 minutes. Then brush and rinse your teeth. This method should be used only once a week because excessive use can potentially damage the tooth enamel.