Various butter types and storage methods.

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These days, interest in butter is also increasing as home baking hobbies are increasing at home.
Butter is also at the center of the recently popular low-carb diet.


Various types of butter that are hard to distinguish by name.

There are various types of butter rich in vitamins and carotene.

Butter is one of the solid dairy products that centrifuged and solidified the fat of milk. Most of the ingredients are milk fat, and they are high-calorie foods of 800 Kcal per 100 grams, and are also rich in vitamins and carotene.

However, just because you have the name Butter, you don’t all have the same butter. It is divided into various types according to the content of milk fat and additives, and among them, some that are not real butter are hidden.

Butter, which is hard to distinguish by name alone, how should I choose it?


Types of butter divided according to the milk fat content, natural butter and processing butter.

The most important criterion for butter is the milk fat content. Products with more than 80% milk content using 100% milk are called natural butter.

Products made with vegetable oil or margarine instead of milk are classified as processed butter due to the preservation period or price. In Korea, if the milk fat is more than 80%, it is divided into butter, and if it is more than 50%, it is divided into processed butter.

Processed butter is easier to store and cheaper than natural butter, but it contains trans fats (trans fats), so if consumed in large quantities, it increases LDL cholesterol levels and is not good for health.

Depending on the product, the milk fat content is 80%, but the remaining 20% is sometimes sold by natural butter with palm oil or artificial additives, so the ingredient table should be carefully checked.

Depending on the amount of salt added, butter without salt and butter without salt.

If salt is added during the butter manufacturing process, it becomes salt-free butter, and if not, it becomes salt-free butter. Gyeom butter has a salty taste, so it is less greasy and has a good flavor, but thanks to it, obese people are more likely to overeat, so it is better to reduce their intake.

It should also be noted that sputum butter can increase sodium intake when eaten with other foods. The content of salt in the salt butter varies depending on the manufacturer, so care should be taken.

If you have high blood pressure or heart disease, you’d better choose a salt-free butter.


How to use butter easily

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What kind of snacks do you have with butter?

How do you use butter?

If you look for butter at the mart, it’s in the refrigerator.

Butter looks like a hard brick. But how is it made of soft, crispy, and chewy snacks?

Let me introduce some of Butter’s transformations.

First, cream butter.

Creaming butter means gently loosening butter.

Butter is very cold and hard in low temperatures such as refrigerators, but it becomes soft when left at room temperature.

At this time, the temperature of the butter is about 20 to 25 degrees.

Mixing these soft butter with sugar and eggs to keep the air in place will inflate the dough after baking. It can be said that it is a process of adding softness to butter.

It’s also called capture of air.
This process is possible by stirring with a spatula, but unfortunately, it is too hard.
Do you really need a hand mixer?

If you touch it with your hands, you need a lot of power as you mix soft butter with ingredients and put in air.
Hand mixers are used to quickly inject large amounts of air.

​Butter can be used like this soft cream.
Typical snacks using buttercream include pound cake and butter cookies.

Cookies made of butter.
There are countless snacks using Butter’s cream method.
Depending on how much you cream it and how much you mix it, you can have a variety of textures and variations.

I’m sure you’ve heard this a lot.
Cream butter at room temperature. This is what it means to make butter in a good condition to use.

It’s one of the basics of baking.


Second, melt the butter.

Butter melts in the form of oil when heated.

Snacks are also made using melted butter.

If the butter is made into a liquid form, it will be easy to mix with other ingredients.
It would be similar to the difference in absorption rate when we take drinks and pills.

Simply stir and mix with other ingredients easily.

Madeleine is the representative of cookies made by melting butter.
It’s also the representative home baking menu.

Or, you can melt butter and heat it up. If you continue to heat the butter, the moisture in the butter will be blown away, and other ingredients will burn and turn brown.

Butter gives off a stronger scent as it burns.
The boiling point of butter.

When butter burns, it has a strong flavor, and if you want to compare and analyze the flavor of butter, I recommend you try burning it.

Each butter has different characteristics, so the aroma and boiling point of burning are different.

The brown state of burning butter is sometimes called hazelnut butter.
The representative snack using burnt butter is Financier.

It is a thick and chewy snack that brings out the rich flavor of butter and adds the savory taste of nuts.
It’s one of the most popular snacks these days. I think this is because various variations such as taste and size are possible.

Third, use the butter in a cold state.

It can be said that using butter coldly increases the utilization of butter by one notch.
If you use butter in a cold state, you can feel the unique charm of butter.

If the butter is cold, you can cut it into cubes or chop it with powder.
Making dough by making it in such a grainy state gives the butter a unique crispyness by giving it layers and texture without mixing it with flour and other ingredients even when it is baked.

Depending on the size of the butter you crush and mix, you have a different texture and different appearance.
Representatively, you can choose a scone with alive texture and a brisé dough, a simple pie dough.

Scone, a popular menu these days, is one of the easiest ways to use cold butter.
You can also tap the butter in a cold state to make it look like a thin clay state.

This method can be said to be the most difficult technology to use butter, which is handled more in the baking area than in confectionery.

It is a difficult area of technology that has a significant impact on the working environment as well as the technology of the butter handler.

The representative menu is a croissant.

When you eat croissants, you can feel the unique texture that feels crispy because of butter.
The reason why croissants have grains is because of butter.

​In this way, the texture of butter varies depending on the condition.
It’s really charming!


Milk Recipes with Delicious and Healthy

Milk is often thrown away because of its short expiration date.

“Is there a good way?” There’s a way!

The method is simple and it doesn’t take long.
Using a cooking recipe using milk, you can enjoy it more deliciously and enjoy it, as well as take nutrients, so kill two birds with one stone!

milk with strawberry yogurt

1. Cool and chewy Turkish ice cream.

400ml of milk.
4 Tbs of sugar.
2Tbs of starch powder. (Potato/Sweet potato starch)
1Tbs is about 15ml.

“How to make it”.

1. Mix all the prepared ingredients!
2. Keep boiling over low heat.
3. When it starts to get thicker, put it in a container and freeze it for 5 hours.
4. Melt it a little and put it in a cup with a scoop to complete!


2. When you’re hungry! Milk rice cake.

milk rice cake

2 Tbs of glutinous rice powder.
Starch powder. 4 Tbs.
200ml of milk.
Sugar, 3 Tbs.
A pinch of salt.
1Tbs is about 15ml.

“How to make it”.

1. Mix all the ingredients you prepared!
2. Stir gently over low heat and boil.
3. Stir until it becomes sticky and sticky (about 3 minutes).
4. Cool it down and slice it well to eat.


3. Perfect taste and nutrients! Milk bean soup noodles.

800ml of milk.
400g of noodles.
A bag of soft tofu.
1/2 cucumber.
Four cherry tomatoes.
Black sesame seeds and salt.

“How to make it”.
1. Boil noodles in water with salt.
2. Wash boiled noodles in cold water to drain water.
3. 800ml of milk, a bag of soft tofu, and a bit of salt. Mix!
4. Slice cucumbers finely and cut cherry tomatoes in half.
5. Add black sesame seeds or seasonal fruits to complete!


4. The mouth is full of soft flavor. Milk curry.

1/4 onion.
1/2 spam.
200ml of milk.
Curry powder, 3 Tbs.
One egg.
One instant rice.
1Tbs is about 15ml.

“How to make it”.
1. Put olive oil in a pan and stir-fry onions.
2. Add sliced spam and stir-fry it together.
3. Add milk and curry powder and boil them together.
4. Add eggs when it’s boiling. (According to your preference)
5. If you pour it on top of the prepared rice, curry is done!

milk with cookies
Milk is full of protein and calcium!
There are so many other dishes using milk!
Don’t throw away the leftover milk tonight.

Why don’t you cook your favorite dish with milk?


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