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Stay warm in the winter by saving heating costs.

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There must be a lot of people suffering from the increasing heating costs in winter.
It’s too much to turn on the boiler all day, but you can’t stay cold!

If you practice boiler and auxiliary heating together, you can save heating costs. ^^
Today, I’ll teach you how to save on heating so that you can spend a warm winter with the minimum cost.

The first way to save heating costs in winter is to block drafts with air caps!

Air cap, a must-have item for apartments with veranda or officetels outside the window!
This air cap, called bubble wrap, prevents cold windows from lowering the indoor temperature. ^^
If the air cap doesn’t prevent the wind from entering, try using thick curtains.~
It blocks the cold energy that comes through the window and keeps the room warm. ๐Ÿ™‚

Second way to save heating costs in winter is to put a carpet on the floor!

When you put on a carpet in winter, it keeps the warmth of the floor warm by heating for a long time.
In a house with children, it’s a great idea to have a thick mat ^^
If you prevent heat loss as much as possible, you can save heating costs by reducing boiler operation time naturally.
It also gives visual warmth and has excellent interior effects depending on the material and color of the carpet. ๐Ÿ™‚

Third way to save heating costs in winter is to maintain proper temperature!

It is said that excessive heating costs can be prevented by maintaining an appropriate temperature even when using a heater. ^^
The proper indoor temperature in winter is 18-20ยฐC, and when the indoor temperature is lowered by 1ยฐC, up to 7% energy is saved.
If the temperature is set too high, the air can dry easily and you can be exposed to diseases!

Also, if you turn off the boiler when you go out, it takes longer to heat the cold floor.
I recommend using the function of going out when going out or away from home for a long time.
If you set up the outdoor function, you can prevent the boiler from freezing in too cold winter!

The fourth way to save on heating costs in winter is to wear long johns!

These days, people can feel a sense of distance by giving them a rustic feeling of long johns.
But in winter, you need to wear long johns to save on increasing heating costs.

If you wear long johns indoors, the temperature rises by 3โ„ƒ. ^^
As a result, heating energy can be saved by 2-30%, which is a way to kill two birds with one stone.
If you wear long johns and sleeping socks, you can spend a warmer winter!

So far, we’ve learned how to reduce heating costs in winter.
If heating costs in winter are burdensome, it can be said that auxiliary heating methods are essential!
Save heating costs with the auxiliary difficulty method, and spend a warm winter with the minimum heating cost. ๐Ÿ™‚


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