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The effects and nutrients of red beans.

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Red bean paste is one of the most valuable grains in Korea after rice and beans, and is still a highly utilized ingredient in modern times.

It is used in various places, such as tea, ingredients for various foods, red bean paste, red bean jelly, and shaved ice, as well as under rice.

In addition, red beans are evaluated to have many effects in health-related fields.

According to Donguibogam, a traditional medicine book, red beans are not only sweet and poisonous, but also good for people who gain weight to take them because they can heal diarrhea, dysentery, intestines, angular diseases, tree species, etc. and have a lightening property.

In fact, several scientific analyses have shown high nutritional value, and it is also rich in antioxidants such as proantocyanidine, so red beans are a healthy food ingredient worth eating.

Red bean nutrients – dried ones

Calories: 337kcal.

Protein: 21.7g

Lipid: 1.1g.

Carbohydrate: 60g.

Dietary fiber: 17g.

Calcium: 10%.

Iron: 46%.

Magnesium: 44%.

potassium: 38%.

Ayeon: 27%.

Manganese: 56%

Molybdenum: 1180%.

Vitamin E : 58%.

Vitamin B1:66%.

Vitamin B2 : 22%.

Niacin: 11%.

Pantothenic acid: 22%.

It can be seen as a health food with very high protein and dietary fiber inorganic vitamin E and vitamin B complexes.

You can set up a diet by referring to the fact that cooking increases the weight of moisture and reduces the nutrient ratio by 1/3 (reducing from 330 kcal to 110 kcal).

Red bean effect.


The calories of cooked red beans are about 2/3 of the rice when they weigh the same.

In other words, if red beans are actively added to the diet, it means that it can provide a considerable satiety while reducing the amount of calories consumed, and the high content of dietary fiber and protein is also an advantage of bean foods led by red beans.

Clinical studies have shown a significant weight loss effect of about 3kg when eating red beans and other bean food ingredients for more than 90g a day for 6 weeks.

Diuretic and blood pressure drop.

Red beans are used as a regular ingredient in the Detox Diet, which removes toxins and unnecessary substances in the body along with pumpkins, because they have excellent diuretic effects.

That’s why eating red beans is very helpful in losing weight due to edema.

The reduction of edema again leads to the strengthening effect of blood pressure.

In addition, compounds contained in red beans also increase satiety, so it is recommended to use red bean water and red bean tea for weight management.



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