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Very useful tips for your daily life!

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Hello! In my daily life,
It’s small, but it’s good to know.
I’d like to share some tips on how to live your life.^^!

The first tip for my life tips.

It’s stained clothes!

If you wash clothes with ink or stains,
It can’t smudge or erase more easily.

If you pour milk fast, that’s it!
Soak the stained clothes in milk for a day,
If you wash it, you can get rid of the stain.^^


The second tip for daily life is…

This is how to make soggy seaweed crispy!

When I take out the seaweed that I ate the day before,
There are times when it gets so so soggy that you can’t reach it.

If you microwave it for 30 seconds,
It’s coming back with the crispy seaweed!


The 3rd tip is…

What’s happening in the kitchen.
When you spill the most difficult cooking oil,
That’s the way!

If you spill the oil, you’ll have a mental breakdown.
Don’t worry about this and use flour!

If you sprinkle flour on top of spilled cooking oil,
Flour absorbs oil, so it can be perfectly prepared.


The 4th tip is…

In the bathroom or kitchen,
There’s a blockage in the sewer.

These days, the products came out really well,
Even if you have to pierce a clogged sewer,

It happens often.

​At times like this, grab a big handful of salt.
Spray it in the blocked sewer.

Then, pour hot water.
you can easily and simply pierce the clogged sewer!


And the 5th tip for daily life.

It’s a really simple tip!

If you don’t properly seal it while eating bread,
It can harden a little and dry.

At times like this, between hard and dry breads,
If you put new bread in between,
The fact that the hard and dry bread gets moist again!

It’s very simple, but if you know it,
I think it’s useful tip.^^

It’s not a big deal, but…
If you remember it, you can use it.

I hope that you remember the tips in your daily lives!


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