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What to keep in mind when camping.

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Continuing social distancing.

I have to do it now.

Rather than indoors where many people,

and enjoy the nature to the fullest.

There are a lot of people who are leaving.

If you travel to a hotel or resort,

Everything is already prepared.

Because of that, I have to prepare something else.

There are many cases where I don’t have it.

If you’re preparing for an outdoor outing,

Through the list of camping supplies,

You have to take good care of it!

I’m so into it one by one. When I need it.

It’s hard to use it properly.

There are a lot of cases.

So today, I’m going to recommend camping items.

I hope it helps you a lot.

It’s on the camping list.

One of the things I don’t do is sleep.

It’s related to tents because it’s a space.

Of course, I need to bring a tent.

In addition to this, tarps, poles, bestibles,

Ground seats, strings,

Make sure you pack your face mask and make sure you have to be careful.

It’s a good idea to check.

The frame of the tent you need to sleep in.

If you have any recommendations for camping items,

All you need is bedding.

It’s essential to sleep comfortably.

You shouldn’t miss anything because it’s a thing.

In addition to the inner mat, air mat, self-help mat,

And when it’s getting cold, an electric pad…

You have to prepare it with me.

Pillow, blanket, sleeping bag and lantern.

The reel, circulator, and mini heater.

Mosquito repellent and electric fan… In the summer,

A list of camping supplies that you must bring.

It’s one of them, so you shouldn’t miss it.

On the other hand, in winter, heat or distribution…

It’s good to take care of it.

Just in case,

Carbon monoxide alarm and…

A small shelf for inner tents.

Please show off your sense of taking care of us!

What do you need when you recommend camping items?

One is to have fun in a place to enjoy it.

So that I can spend it more comfortably,

We need to prepare furniture.

Tables, shelves, chairs and hangers.

And folding boxes, trash racks,

Basket, plate dryer, wagon and top plate.

And chuck boxes are important items.

You can see it.

Eating is one of the biggest joys.

Since we’re one, we’ll recommend camping items.

I’m not missing anything.

Iceboxes are a must in the summer!

In addition to this, I’m going to use a cooler and an ice maker.

If you take it, I can enjoy cold drinks.

It will help you!

Water jug and grill…

Butane gas, burner, and grill.

And a pot like Coppel.

I need to bring a variety of cooking devices, right?

Bringing spoons and chopsticks…

Don’t forget to use the pot stand and all kinds of plates.

You have to check the plates, too.

Kitchen towels, knives, scissors, etc.

Cooking utensils are also essential.

Dishwasher, scrubber, detergent.

It’s sad if you don’t take care of it!

Seasoning set, cutting board, plastic gloves,

Zipper bag, foil, rap, etc.

You can cook much more conveniently.

I’m into camping supplies these days.

One of the things I don’t do is to stare at fire.

It’s a variety of products!

A brazier, a support, and flame-retardant gloves.

If you give me firewood and a torch,

While looking at the stars in the dark night,

It’s a great time to space out and heal.

You’ll be able to send it!

And what will happen in the mountains?

You don’t know, so you have to take emergency medicine!

Fever reducer, ointment, digestive medicine,

You have to take painkillers.

Mosquito scent, wet tissue, cosmetics, sunscreen,

Towels, toiletries, and toothbrushing tools.

If you forget, no, no!

Make sure to bring a recycling bag.

Lantern girl or emotional lantern.

Bluetooth speaker, beam project,

If you use light bulbs,

It’s fuller and more sentimental.

We’ll be able to go camping together!

Make sure to keep a list of camping supplies.

Have a good time.


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