What’s the effect of “Pumpkin”?

source : pixabay

Pumpkins can no longer be treated as pumpkins when they learn about the efficacy of pumpkins, which have been considered the epitome of “ugly.” In particular, “old pumpkin,” which is in season in autumn, is so effective that it is included in the top 10 healthy foods selected by Time magazine. The old pumpkin, which is hard on the outside and has seeds in it, is also called “millstone pumpkin” because it is round like a millstone.

Autumn is a season full of food. Various food ingredients such as △ mackerel △ shrimp △ pear △ pumpkin fill the table in season. Among them, pumpkins are foods like supplements rich in various nutrients. It introduces the health effects of pumpkins, which are low in calories and rich in various vitamins and minerals.

Pumpkins are rich in potassium, which helps prevent high blood pressure by helping release sodium. The diuretic and detoxification are also excellent. Vitamin A and vitamin C in pumpkins have the effect of preventing bacterial infection by increasing resistance.

Among pumpkins, the effects of old pumpkins vary. First of all, the sugar in old pumpkins is well digested and is good for people with weak stomachs or patients in recovery. In particular, it is a good food for people with sensitive stomachs or chronic gastritis or neurological gastritis. The efficacy of pumpkins is also helpful for test takers. This is because eating old pumpkins steadily helps relieve tension and stress.

In addition, the efficacy of old pumpkins is also helpful for patients with high blood pressure and diabetes. This is because it is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is also known to have the effect of preventing stroke. In the case of women with childbirth, old pumpkins help diuretic effect and reduce swelling. For obese people, it is better to eat old pumpkins.

Ugly old pumpkins also have an excellent effect on skin care. In particular, when eaten by a person with a dry face, beta-carotene rich in old pumpkins blocks ultraviolet rays and improves skin elasticity. However, some people should be careful about eating old pumpkins. Since old pumpkins activate diuretics, pumpkin intake can rather harm health in people with weak kidney function or skinny women.

Old pumpkins can be eaten by making pumpkin honey pots, pumpkin porridge, pumpkin syrup, or boiled down for tea. Pumpkin honey jar, which is used to reduce the swelling of mothers who gave birth, is simple to make. Cut out the tip of the old pumpkin in a round shape and scratch the seeds inside. If you put honey in an empty old pumpkin, block the cut out part, put it in a large pot, and steam it for 3 to 4 hours, water will accumulate in the old pumpkin, and you can drink it accordingly.

The seeds of pumpkin need to be noted. According to the study, elderly women who consistently consumed pumpkin seeds had a significantly lower risk of breast cancer, and men also had a good effect on preventing hair loss. Essential amino acids and vitamin E abundant in pumpkin seeds are said to help blood circulation and brain development in the brain, so it is recommended not to throw them away.

Meanwhile, the best combination with pumpkin is red beans. It increases vitamin B1 intake, which is insufficient for pumpkins, by adding red beans to pumpkin porridge.