Who should take whey protein?

Who should eat it?

1. Older/Middle-aged people

“Musculopenia” decreases by 1 to 2% every year, starting with those in their 30s, and the rate of decline begins rapidly in their 50s. Muscles protect bones as well as the main organs of the body.

When muscles weaken, many diseases will inevitably occur overall.

In addition, there are cases where you often feel tired as you get older.

In this case, the muscle is a storage of energy, and a decrease occurs. So even if you move a little bit, you feel tired. You must take whey protein to protect your healthy old age.

2. If you need to concentrate,

It is good for students and office workers who go to school and work all day long to improve their concentration.

In particular, eating carbohydrates in the morning reduces the sensitivity of the brain, so a protein-oriented diet can prevent blood sugar from falling and provide adequate satiety to increase concentration.

3. Growing children.

Muscles must develop properly to support growing bones, and protein is the main ingredient of growth hormones.

Therefore, it is a very important nutrient for growth because it is necessary to synthesize gymnastics and form bones and skin in growing children.

4. Pregnant women and fetuses.

It can be seen that there are a lot of people looking for protein shakes for pregnant women on the Internet.

The whey protein forms the fetus and placenta and supplies blood to help the baby grow and strengthen the uterus and mammary glands of pregnant women.If you are pregnant, it is recommended to consume at least 70-80g of protein a day.

5. Diet.

If you lose weight by starving, your body’s energy will be insufficient and nutrients will be extracted from your muscles and used. In other words, the muscles continue to decrease. In order to increase muscle and basal metabolism, muscle strength exercise should be performed at the same time, and the intake of whey protein should prevent muscle loss.

Also, eating a low-calorie diet, including whey protein, can improve body composition.

6. If your immune system is weak,

Protein is an important component of the immune system. In addition to “leucine,” oil protein contains essential and non-essential amino acids that make up various bodies, so you can get various advantages such as skin tissue, nails, and hair loss prevention.

Then, what is the way to choose whey protein?

How to choose whey protein.

There are three types of whey protein: WPC, WPI, and WPH.

1. Concentrated oil-based protein (WPC) / 80% purity

It is a type produced by removing only non-protein components from whey protein and contains a lot of cholesterol, fat, and lactose.Also, Koreans don’t have many enzymes that break down lactose, so if they eat a lot,

It can cause stomachache and gas tightness, which can strain the intestine.

2. Detachable Liquid Protein (WPI)/Purity 90%

Surupnungro lactose, fat, and cholesterol, which have been made through several filtration processes, have been almost all removed with less than 10%.Therefore, if you want to lose weight or can’t digest milk well, you’d better choose.

3. Hydrolysis fluid (WPH)/ 80% purity

It is made by hydrolyzing WPC again, and it absorbs very quickly in the body and also contains fat, cholesterol, and lactose. It absorbs very quickly in the body, so it is recommended for those who have exercised longer than the general public.